Skyrim, Medieval Woodworking, and Izbas

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I’ve begun work on the first story in my book-length collection set in the world of “The Road to Fjallmark”, and I wanted to share both a brief synopsis and a glimpse of what is going into the project.

With a working title of “The Woodworker’s Guest”, this piece tells the story of a young, talented woodworker who had a perfect life – a great business, friends, beautiful wife, young son – and lost it all in a fire. Now isolated and alone and struggling with grief, he may find hope and healing when a magical, unexpected visitor shows up in his home.

As I work on this story, I’m using Hollywood Magic’s Falkreath Hold Remastered as my background ambience. I’ve also been researching traditional Russian izbas and medieval woodworking.

A traditional Russian izba

And now to stop procrastinating and get back to writing the story…

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