If you enjoy your adventure with a dash of coziness, and have always dreamed of having your own little cottage in a world teeming with magic, then I’d like to invite you to join me in

Secrets of Spritespring Hollow: A Cozy Cottagecore Fantasy LitRPG

“Welcome to Spritespring Hollow, a small, peaceful nook nestled in the northern forests of the Kingdom of Balnochy. Follow Hollie, who’s awoken to find herself in possession of a small cottage in the middle of the woods, without any memory of where she’s come from or any knowledge about her new home.

As she finds her way around, she’ll make friends, learn new skills, grow her garden, craft items, cook delicious food, and even personalize her cottage. And once she has leveled up enough, she’ll be ready to explore the wider world, discover its magic, unravel its secrets, and take on the task that has summoned her here: to save the Kingdom of Balnochy from a force that would wipe it from existence forever.”

Secrets of Spritespring Hollow is a web serial where fantasyadventure, and coziness collide.

Inspired by books like The Wind in the Willows and The Hobbit, games like Stardew Valley and Animal Crossing, and the gorgeous landscapes and charming villages and cottages of rural England, Spritespring Hollow was created not just to be a story, but a fully immersive escape via worldbuiding, art, cooking, gardening, crafting, RPG elements, and more.

Readers will be able to enjoy a new chapter released each week for free on Royal Road or Wattpad.

But it doesn’t end there. Visitors to Spritespring Hollow’s World Anvil site will be able to explore the world further, with maps, timelines, encyclopedia entries, and even stat sheets.

Also available to readers will be hand-drawn illustrations from Hollie’s journal as she chronicles the natural and magical world around her, as well as gardening tips, crafting projects, and even delicious recipes from Hollie’s enchanted cookbook.

And for those who prefer to listen to their stories, I have plans to release each chapter in audio format later this year via a Spritespring Hollow podcast.

Here on this page, you’ll find art and music that inspires the story, maps, recipes, downloadables, and other worldbuilding goodies as I get around to making them. This is an ongoing project, so there’s a good chance that this page will be updated with new things fairly often.

If you're ready to escape to Spritespring Hollow, your ticket awaits...

Royal Road

Maps! Maps Galore!

I LOVE making maps. Heck, worldbuilding is probably more fun to me than writing, and mapmaking is a huge part of worldbuilding. Here you’ll find all the maps I’ve created for Secrets of Spritespring Hollow. As I make more, I’ll add them here. I am mostly using Inkarnate for this project, but I may upload some made with Wonderdraft or some that are even hand drawn.