Hi! My name is Natasha Inwood.

In a previous, pre-pandemic life, I was a software developer. When Covid hit and I was stretched thin between my demanding job and caring for my kids, I resigned from my job to homeschool full time. And though the pandemic years were full of so much fear and pain and sadness, they also allowed our family to rethink how we’d been living our lives. We slowed down, prioritized quality time together, and began to rediscover our passions. 

For me, that meant breaking out the good old pen and paper and finally writing again after a break of more than a decade. To be honest, I wasn’t just rusty. I was scared!

But little by little, I’d found sources of encouragement, like Anne Lammot’s Bird by Bird and Terry Brooks’ Sometimes the Magic Works. And I finally started writing. 

My first short story in over a decade (and first fantasy story ever), received an Honorable Mention from the L. Ron Hubbard Writers of the Future Contest. I took the little bit of encouragement from that and kept writing. My second story was published in the inaugural issue of Wyngraf

I have more stories to write, more to submit, more to be rejected, more to (hopefully) be accepted, and a few novels up my sleeve. I don’t know where this writing journey will take me, but each day I’m learning more and I’m determined to see it through.