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    What I’ve Been Reading While My Brain Turned to Mush

    What I’d like to share in this post are some of the books I’ve read that got me through what felt like such a long summer. After getting Covid at the end of June, my brain turned temporarily to mush and I went through a period of pure laziness. I’m going to blame it on the Covid. After all, though it wasn’t too bad, it did leave me feeling completely drained and like a shell of a person. All of the intentions I had of reading to my kids each day, continuing their learning over the summer, and even working on my writing went out the window. Thankfully I’m back…

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    Book Reviews: Writing and Reference Books, First Half of 2022

    I haven’t done any book reviews here yet. To be honest, I’m not the sort of person to write out long, drawling reviews of what I’ve read. I prefer to keep things brief with only a highlight or two. So, let’s get started. What writing/reference books have captured my interest so far this year? Sometimes the Magic Works by Terry Brooks – This is more of a memoir than a text that teaches specifics of writing. That being said, there are some great nuggets of writing wisdom all delivered with a dose of humor and honesty by one of the most prolific living fantasy writers. For anyone in need of…