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Writing Resource: Poets & Writers Online

A few months back I picked up The Poets & Writers Complete Guide to Being a Writer. It’s a comprehensive book full of insight on the writing life, inspiration, continuing education, finding community, and the publishing process.

Before reading this book, I had heard of the Poets & Writers magazine. But I didn’t know that it was just the magazine of a non-profit whose goal is to “foster the professional development of poets and writers, to promote communication throughout the literary community, and to help create an environment in which literature can be appreciated by the widest possible public.”

What I want to share with you today is the organization’s website.

The site has some amazing features for writers. You can search its databases for writing contests and grants, get information on publishers, magazines, and markets, find writing communities in your area or online, and see a calendar of literary festivals and workshops. You’ll also find writing prompts, articles, and author interviews.

So whether you’re just starting out like myself, or if you’ve been in the writing game for a while, be sure to keep Poets & Writers bookmarked in your browser.

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