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It’s Time to Take the Plunge!

I’m writing a novel, baby!

And I just felt a shiver ripple down my spine as I typed those words because, as excited as I am, it’s a bit of a daunting thought.

Not even a year ago I was someone who had been so scared, so critical of myself and my abilities, that I hadn’t written a story in well over a decade. I had tons of ideas, as they tend to flow into my head at a steady rate whether I ask for them or not. And I have mountains of notebooks full of character descriptions, world histories, mythologies, maps, and all of that world building goodness.


But I’d been too scared to try to turn any of it into an actual story.

With the pandemic, my life changed. Things slowed down and I had more time to read and to mull over my ideas. And having left my job, I finally had the time to dedicate to writing…if I wasn’t too chicken to do so.

I’ve completed three short stories so far, and the response to them has been encouraging enough to propel me to keep at this writing thing. And while I’ve enjoyed writing short stories, and I’ve learned a lot about my writing process through them, it’s time to turn my attention to my first novel. If you’re reading this, you’ll get to follow along on the rocky ride it’s sure to be!

I guess what I’ll do, for fellow writers and interested readers alike, will be to create a category of blog posts specifically for this novel writing journey. This will be the first. I’ll document my goals, my plans, my process, how I work, if I’m hitting my goals, if I’m not, what my struggles are, what’s actually easy, and everything else I learn along the way.

So, ready or not, I’m all in and will see this through to the end! Wish me luck.

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