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    First Novel Journey – First Chapter Down!

    I’m stoked! Stoked I tell you! This week I finished the first draft of the first chapter of my first novel! I pushed past my inner critic and got it done. I’d been in a bit of a writing funk late summer to early fall when I got a tweet from a reader who had read my story, “The Road to Fjallmark” in Wyngraf Magazine. It was so positive and encouraging and it lit such a fire within me to keep writing. So readers, if you found an author’s work enjoyable, let them know! That positive tweet or message might be just the thing needed to keep them going on…

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    Revising Isn’t Anything to be Scared Of

    In between a lot of subbing jobs the past two weeks, I hunkered down and wrote, wrote, wrote and I finished the rough draft of my next short story! Now, it is the epitome of Anne Lamott’s “shitty first draft.” There are so many times I wrote something down, knowing it was quite horrible and would need to be completely redone. But when writing this story, I focused on writing as quickly as possible and ignoring my inner critics. I figured I’d try a process where most of the work is done in the revision. I think of watching Bob Ross paint and how at first all you see are…