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    First Novel Journey: Making a Bookmap

    As the novel I’m working on is a middle grade fantasy, I wanted to add to my writer’s library a book about writing for children and adolescents. By far the best book on this I have found is Cheryl Klein’s book The Magic Words. Cheryl Klein is an editor of children’s and YA books as well as an author of children’s picture books. She has an excellent website with a number of resources useful to any writer with an interest in writing for children. One of the most useful concepts in The Magic Words is that of the bookmap. As she says, “a bookmap, in its simplest form, is a…

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    Writing Resource: The Manuscript Wishlist

    While The Writer’s Market books have always been a standard go-to for information on publishers, agents, and market trends, it’s always great to have more knowledge at your fingertips, especially as the publishing industry changes at lightning speed. That’s why I’d recommend having a look at The Manuscript Wishlist. The Manuscript Wishlist is a site that lets literary agents update what sorts of pieces they are looking for. It also allows authors a way to search by name, genre, or keyword to find an agent that would be a good match for their manuscript. You can check out their Getting Started guide, their FAQ for writers, and their Comprehensive Search…

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    Writing Resource: Poets & Writers Online

    A few months back I picked up The Poets & Writers Complete Guide to Being a Writer. It’s a comprehensive book full of insight on the writing life, inspiration, continuing education, finding community, and the publishing process. Before reading this book, I had heard of the Poets & Writers magazine. But I didn’t know that it was just the magazine of a non-profit whose goal is to “foster the professional development of poets and writers, to promote communication throughout the literary community, and to help create an environment in which literature can be appreciated by the widest possible public.” What I want to share with you today is the organization’s…

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    The Submission Grinder – A Free Tool to Keep Track of Your Submissions

    Whether you’ve just finished your first story, or you have a few that you’re trying to shop around, it’s helpful to have a tool to keep track of your pieces, the markets you are submitting to, and the responses to your submissions. Of course you can always whip up a nice spread sheet, but I’ve found The Submission Grinder to be a great, free resource. For one, it’s a fantastic way to search for markets that you may have not been aware of. Perhaps you have a flash fiction horror story that’s been sitting in your desk drawer for a few months and you have no idea where to send…