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    Chicago: A Few Short Impressions

    The past week, my family and I found ourselves fortunate enough to visit Chicago for the first time in our lives. My husband has a relative up there who invited us out, and so myself, my husband, our two kids, and my in-laws flew up. Now, I have a LOT more to say about our trip, but I want to write down a brief overview before I forget. After a short delay due to bad weather at O’Hare, we landed and were met by my husband’s cousin, Lois. She’s an older woman, originally from Kansas, who moved to Chicago 34 years ago to continue her work at Sears in the…

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    The Plague Cometh

    Two and a half years into the pandemic, after managing to avoid Covid via mask wearing and homeschooling and working at home, it has finally breached our walls. I’ve been holed up in my room and away from my husband and kids for the past few days and, so far, they are doing well. I feel fortunate to have been triple vaxxed, to have medicines and vitamins on hand, and to have caught the less virulent strain. But mild Covid is still no fun. No breathing problems, thank God! That was my big worry early on as I have chronic bronchitis and asthma. But I did have a nice little…